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A Miracle in Missouri? Pilgrims Flock to Town Near Kansas City After Exhumed Body of Benedictine Sisters’ Foundress Appears to Be Incorrupt…

Since text messages and social media posts began to circulate last week with pictures of the incorrupt body, hundreds of pilgrims have already journeyed to visit the incorrupt sister, sometimes from hours away in Kentucky, Illinois, or closer nearby in Missouri, to pray in front of the body and to get to know better this woman whom many feel had a deep holiness.

“It was beautiful,” said Mary Lou Enna, 86, a pilgrim who came with her son and his wife from nearby Kansas City, a roughly 45-minute drive away. “At first, it was just a little unreal. But then as I just gazed at her, tears started coming and I just knew it was for real and very, very meaningful.” 

“I know this happens a lot in Europe through the Church,” she said, “but it was just something I wanted to be at.”

Royce Hood hosts a Catholic radio show in Illinois. He and his wife, Elise, packed their six children in the car from Peoria to come and see what was happening. “I feel like people are like, ‘Wow, we need this right now,’” he said.

“There’s so much chaos and darkness in the world. I think God is giving us little graces to remind us of what is to come and what’s waiting for us.”

“We love our faith,” Elise Hood added. “It just seemed unreal to come and see and be with and touch a sister who is incorruptible. What a blessing to have this opportunity and for our kids to see and witness this, too.”

Ava Hood, 9, said she was amazed. Her brother Augustine agreed.

“They knelt for a long time and just prayed,” said their mother, who added: “It’s still giving me chills. Everything we practice in our daily faith life we can come here and just feel it and see it.” 

The sight was no less amazing to Rick Enna, another pilgrim from Kansas City.

“It was miraculous to see her body in perfect condition after her body was in a grave for close to four years,” remarked Enna, 61.

“In a world right now that’s really struggling with so many false gods, we are seeing glimpses of evidence that God is there,” he said. “Those of us who are faithful don’t need evidence, but when we see evidence, then we know it.”

He added: “You don’t see this very often.” 

Tanya Schultz and her daughter pray at the body of Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster on May 20, 2023. Credit: Photo courtesy of Joe and Tanya Schultz
Tanya Schultz and her daughter pray at the body of Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster on May 20, 2023. Credit: Photo courtesy of Joe and Tanya Schultz

Joe and Tanya Schultz and their children drove eight and a half hours from Louisville, Kentucky, in a caravan with relatives from Springfield, Missouri, to pray before Sister Wilhelmina’s body.

“It’s a great miracle,” said Tanya Schultz, who was touching rosaries and scapulars and the hand of her toddler to the body.

“It’s believable and unbelievable at the same time,” added Joe Schultz upon viewing the body.

“Her being a traditional nun in this time when it is persecuted, we wanted to be present for that and ask for her intercession in the Church since she probably has some great intercessory powers for us, our family, our vocation.”

Through the eyes of her Catholic faith, the abbess sees in the preservation of Sister Wilhelmina’s body that same message. “Heaven is real. The resurrection is real. Especially during these times in the Church and in the world,” she said.

“Have hope,” she implored. “God is still there. He still hears our prayers. He still listens. He still loves us.”

While the Church has not ruled Sister Wilhelmina’s case to be miraculous and the case has not yet been ruled an incorruptible — nor has a cause for the foundress’ canonization been sanctioned — both the sisters of her community and the visitors drawn to the monastery agree that something out of the ordinary course of nature is happening in Gower, Missouri.

“Have faith,” Abbess Cecilia concluded. “Life does not end when we take our last breath: It begins.”

“And this is the kind of miracle that reminds us of that.”

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