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Are we hearing the Spirit of God?

Are we hearing the Spirit of God?

Rev Looi Kok Kim

(Chairman of Prayer Commission, NECF)

In times of crises, what good can we see for a nation? The Covid19 pandemic outbreak has taken thousands of lives. The locust plagues in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somali have destroyed hundreds of farmlands and crops, resulting in food shortages.

These have caused great fear and uncertainties globally. The fear of the unknown can trigger out-of-control situations. It can ripple out into socio-economic slumps and political uncertainties. A suffering nation may hope for recovery but may not see any good coming out of the situation.

On the other hand, in any arising crisis, there is always an awakening or warning call! It is a call from God to His children to wake up and return to Him. In our case, we may need a literal change of our daily routines and lifestyles, but it will be a change from comfort to intentionally make time for the LORD. it is to set apart a time to read God’s word – perhaps in big portions daily (follow our daily schedule if you can), then reflect on it and pray. Deuteronomy 17:18-20 sets for us the rules of life. Although the passage was intended for the kings, it is also applicable for every believer in Christ to do likewise. It is a non-negotiable discipline to read the Bible daily for the rest of our lives. The main objective is to know “Who God is!” (Daniel 11:32).

Global or national crises are markers in a time-line to prepare God’s people to move forward. During critical moments of any situation, do not lose heart, panic, or speak negatively. In Matthew 24:6-8, Jesus had already forewarned us. It is also a good reminder to realign our relationship with God and to know God’s destiny for our lives and for Malaysia. The waves of a spiritual boost come with awakening, revival, and transformation. But the most important focus is all about God’s destiny for Malaysia.

Therefore, what good can we foresee for Malaysia? God has a destiny for Malaysia. What is needed is to saturate our lives in the Word of God and to let the Holy Spirit reveal Himself at times like this.

Hearing the Spirit of God cannot be separated from saturating in the Word of God. The effort of disciplining ourselves to know God and following Him will enable us to grow deep in Him.

The crucial work of the Kingdom of God must be carried out in fervent prayers and in doing His will. It is a higher level of spiritual nurturing. God’s people who love Malaysia must rise above itemized prayers. More fears will crouch in but for those who know God, they shall abide in Him and stand firm to fulfill His destiny.

In this 40 days booklet Hearing the Holy Spirit for the Times We Live In.” The focus will be on the Bible reading, followed by reflections on the Word of God, and allowing the Spirit of God to lead you to pray based on the general guides and beyond. Remember, our focus is to know God.

Before you start to fast, seek the Lord in selecting any one of these – particle fast (skip one or two meals), Daniel’s fast (abstain from meat) or full fast (drink only water or juices). You will truly experience the joy within, the refreshing relationship, and the abundant strength that comes from Him, Be blessed in your journey as you pursue God.

Download The 40-Days Fast & Prayer 2020 booklet

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