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Good Friday 2023: “They Will Look Upon Him Whom They Have Pierced”…

Good Friday 2023: “They Will Look Upon Him Whom They Have Pierced”…

Mass is not celebrated on Good Friday. However, Catholic churches will offer a service celebrating the Lord’s Passion with holy Communion and veneration of the cross. These services are normally held at 3 p.m. because that is the time Jesus died on the cross.

  1. Participate in the Stations of the Cross.

In addition to offering a service celebrating the Lord’s passion, many parishes will also have Stations of the Cross later in the evening. This is a wonderful opportunity to meditate on the events that took place on Good Friday, which led to Jesus’ passion and crucifixion.

  1. Fast.

Throughout Lent, Catholics are encouraged to fast on all Fridays. On Good Friday, strive to observe the obligatory full day of fasting by consuming no more than one full meal and two smaller meals that do not equal the one larger meal. In addition to fasting from food, you can also fast from social media, television, or radio in order to spend more time meditating on the significance of the day.

  1. Read the Lord’s passion in the Bible.

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