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Here’s what 40 famous historical figures would look like today…

Here’s what 40 famous historical figures would look like today…

Nefertiti was an Egyptian queen who was known for her role in the religious revolution. She had many nicknames, including “Lady of all Women.” Maybe she was the first feminist icon. 

Her updated look sticks with the ancient Egyptian style through her dark cat eyeliner. In modern-day, she still looks as graceful and beautiful as ever. 

As a Roman dictator, Julius Caesar played a critical role in the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. He was also the first Roman General to cross the English Channel and the Rhine River. 

Despite the fact that he was a dictator, he looks like a handsome man based on his modern-day transformation. Can you see Julius Caesar as the next Bachelor

Queen Elizabeth I was the daughter of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII (both on our list). Her parent’s marriage was annulled, and she was declared illegitimate.  That has got to hurt her ego. 

She once said, “God forgive you, but I never can.” Who hurt you Elizabeth?! In her present-day makeover, she looks less intimidating than her original portrait, but she still has a resting B face. 

Alexander the Great was the king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon. By the age of thirty, he created one of the largest empires in the ancient world. It is said that he had heterochromia, meaning his eyes were two different colors. 

Based on his modern-day picture, he was a handsome fellow and would be a great inspiration for a Disney prince. Doesn’t he kind of resemble Prince Phillip from Snow White

Agrippina was a roman empress and one of the more prominent women in the Julio-Claudian Dynasty. We love a powerful female figure! Although she was known to be ruthless, violent, and domineering, so we can’t really praise her that much. 

Is it just us or does her present-day makeover look like Susan Sarandon’s daughter Eva Amurri? The similarity is striking, and maybe we found another historical doppelganger! 

Jane Austen was a great English novelist known for her exploration of women’s dependence on marriage for favorable social and economic security. Her most famous novel was “Pride and Prejudice.”

In a weird way, she looks like Kylie Jenner before her lip fillers. She was a bit of a plain Jane and lived a fairly uneventful life. 

Anne Boleyn was the second wife of King Henry VIII. As we previously mentioned her daughter was Queen Elizabeth I. She was executed because there were charges of witchcraft and adultery. Before her untimely downfall, she was an important part in creating the church of England. 

It is clear why Henry VIII fell for her, and he would probably have fallen for her in the present-day as well. 

Mary was the Queen of Scotland for 25 years. She was the only surviving child of King James V, and when she was just six days old her father passed away making her the queen. 

The tv series, Reign, followed the exploits of Queen Mary in her early life. She was played by Adelaide Kane who looks shockingly like her. Her resemblance and skill made her the perfect choice to play this queen. 

Empress Elisabeth was not only the Empress of Austria, but she was also the Queen of Hungary by marriage to Emporer Franz Joseph I. Her nickname was Sisi which seems more playful for someone in her position. 

She was known for her beautiful, smart, and rebellious personality. She looks like she would still be remembered for her gracious looks and demeanor. 

Here we have the first wife of King Henry VIII. Yes, he had many wives, but Catherine wasn’t so innocent herself. She was married to Henry’s older brother before marrying Henry. 

Both portraits capture her gentle and obedient manner. She looks sad, and we would be too, knowing that her husband annulled their marriage to wed someone else right before we died. 

Louis XV was the successor of his great grandfather the Sun King, Louis XIV. He wasn’t as well known as his grandfather, but he was the second longest-reigning monarch in French history. He also had a famous mistress who you might remember as Madame de Pompadour. 

He looks like he would be a good late-night talk show host with those looks. What would his show be called? 

Finally, we have come to the last of Henry VIII’s six wives. Catherin Parr had four husbands, so maybe they were having a secret competition for who could marry the most people. 

In present-day, she looks eerily like Drew Barrymore, but she was usually forgotten when it came to the most beautiful wives of King Henry VIII. She was always being compared to Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. But, she was the first wife to outlive the king. 

“Let them eat cake!” As the last Queen of France, she will never be forgotten. French revolutionaries overthrew her and they declared, “Off with her head.” Her and her husband’s deaths marked the end of the monarchy in France.

Among other things, she was known for flamboyant style and large hairdos. In the newer picture, her hair is less voluminous and more natural. 

Don’t even deny it, Anastasia was one of the best and most underrated movies. The movie told the story of the Grand Duchess of Anastasia Romanov who was the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicolas II. It is thought that she escaped while the rest of her family was killed. That is what happens in the movie at least. 

In the photo on the right, she looks just like Millie Bobbi Brown, and they would probably be best friends and make funny Tik Toks if she lived in the present-day. 

Augustus was a Roman statesman and military leader who became the first emperor of the Roman Empire. He brought peace to the land and began to rebuild the city. He also helped to conquer much of the land around the Mediterranean sea. 

He is a controversial figure, and it makes sense with those Ken doll-like good looks. Just imagine him in a toga! #Swoon

Remember when Columbus went on his journey to find the “new world?” Well, Queen Isabella was the one who sent him on this voyage in 1492. She was also known for her role in purifying the Roman Catholic faith. 

She was fairly young when she married Ferdinand II. She was barely 18, so at least she was legal in terms of today’s standards. 

Abe Lincoln needs little introduction as the 16th President of the United States who led the nation through the American Civil War. He abolished slavery, strengthened the federal government, and modernized the economy, to name a few of his accomplishments. 

It is a wonder what else he could have accomplished before his untimely death. He was a well-dressed man in his own time, and today we like to believe he would still be as dapper. 

The Mona Lisa is a world-famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci. It considered to be the masterpiece of the Italian Rennaisance. Everyday people line up for hours just to get a glimpse of this painting at the Louvre in Paris. The subject of the painting is Lisa del Giocondo, a member of one of the wealthiest families in Florence. 

There has been some debate that the subject was not Lisa, and could be a number of different women. People love to make fun of how unhappy the woman looks in the painting, and today she still looks unamused. It is nice to see her more refreshed than the original portrait. 

Christina of Denmark dodged a bullet when she decided not to marry King Henry VIII. She was not fond of his reputation, and we agree with her. She famously said, “If I had two heads, one should be at the King of England’s disposal.” 

She is a boss lady for denying the King of England! You go, girl! She was way ahead of her time and we salute her for that. In modern-day, she would be all about girl power and the feminist movement. 

Madame du Barry was the second official mistress of Louis XV after Madame de Pompadour died. She became one of the most powerful women in France until the French Revolution. 

Louis XV definitely had a type because she looks oddly similar to Madame de Pompadour. If she was alive today, she would be dating the hottest celebrity and walking all the popular red carpets. 

Eleanor of Toledo was an amazing woman. Her husband regularly asked for her input on a range of issues. You know what they say, “behind every successful man is a powerful woman.” 

Her power and grace made her well-liked, and she would have held a powerful position in today’s world. 

Remember how we have talked about King Henry VIII’s many wives? Well, this is his fifth one. When they married, he was 49, and she was only 16. Shockingly (not really), she was accused of adultery, and the king had her executed. He seems nice, right? 

She looks like she started the duck face selfie trend before it was cool. If she lived in the present, we hope she wouldn’t pick a horrible husband like Henry VIII.

Caligula was another Roman emperor and an infamous brat. He worked to increase the unconstrained personal power of the emperor and wanted to make everything about himself. 

He looks like he would be a whiny boy who has too much money for his own good. It is good he only ruled for three years. 

Many people are familiar with Napoleon and his short man complex. He was actually 5’7″ which is taller than many other kings. People think he was perceived smaller in comparison to his accomplishments. 

He was one of the world’s greatest military leaders and revolutionized military organization and training. He looks like Quentin Tarantino who has also done amazing work in his field so it is fitting. 

Grace Kelly was an American film actress and the Princess of Monaco by marriage. She starred in many famous films, and she was known for her beautiful looks and gracious demeanor.  

In the present day, she would be just as beautiful. Are you surprised that a prince fell for her? It seems like this is where Meghan Markle got the idea that an actress could marry a prince. 

Sandro Botticelli was an Italian painter of the Early Rennaissance. His painting “The Birth of Venus” was famously created during the height of the Italian Renaissance. He painted her so beautifully with such delicate features. 

The modern version is just as beautiful as the original. The artist kept her delicate features and enhanced them with the help of photoshop. 

Prince Albert was the husband of Queen Victoria and they were cousins too! The 1800s was a weird time. He loved spending time with his family and they had nine children. He helped make Christmas trees popular. 

He seems like he didn’t care much about being royalty and wanted to focus more on his family life. Would you rather be royal or get to spend time with your family? 

Genghis Khan was one of the most interesting rulers in history. He was the founder of the Mongol Empire, and he was a tough leader. He established the largest land empire in history. 

There weren’t many accurate portraits of him because they were mainly based on description after he died. In his modern-day transformation, he still looks like a powerful leader. 

There have been many different depictions of Cleopatra throughout history. She is usually depicted with lots of gold jewelry, winged eyeliner, and a beautiful headdress. All of these drawings and paintings were made after her death, so this Roman bust from the first century BC is the closest depiction of Cleopatra.

Since she is usually described with honey-colored skin and dark hair, the artist stuck with those features. Her extravagant Egyptian winged liner is updated to a more subtle look. 

Benjamin Franklin is another figure on our list that needs no introduction. If you need a refresher: he was a founding father of the United States, he invented the lightning rod, and helped draft the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Many people believe he invented the lightbulb, but it was his advances in the study of electricity that helped to invent it. 

Benjamin Franklin would be amazed by the advances in technology today. He probably wouldn’t be able to wrap his mind around all the exciting inventions we have. 

This is the third wife of Henry VIII. Jane was the only one to give him a living son to be heir to the throne. Unfortunately, she died from childbirth complications two weeks after her son was born. 

If she hadn’t passed away, it would be interesting to see if Henry VIII would have kept her around longer than his other wives. 

Finally! The man, the myth, the legend, Henry VIII. We have talked about him so much already that you are probably sick of hearing about the man who had too many wives. It is safe to say that Henry was a bit of a womanizer, and when he didn’t feel like being married to someone anymore, he had a way of getting rid of them. 

In the present day, it would be rather difficult for him to get away with the things he did to his wives, even as royalty. Who knows how many wives he would have had today. 

King Henry VII is the father of King Henry VIII. He was the King of England and Lord of Ireland. He brought an end to the War of Roses, improved the economy, and made the nobility pay a fairer share of tax. That sounds like a good leader to us! 

He was considered a good king, and we wonder what he would have to say about the Meghan Markle and Prince Harry drama is he was alive today. 

Anne was the fourth wife of Henry VIII. She was considered to be the luckiest out of all of his wives because she was thought to be so ugly that the king didn’t want her so they divorced. That is a better outcome than most of his other wives. 

It is a mystery why he thought she was unattractive because she looks so beautiful in both of her portraits. He clearly didn’t know what he was talking about. 

King Tutankhamun was an Egyptian Pharaoh who was the last of the royal family to rule during the end of the 18th dynasty. The picture on the left is a recreation by forensic artist Elisabeth Daynes. 

The updated picture on the right takes away his classic Egyptian makeup and brings him into the modern-day with a full head of hair and stylish clothes. 

Elizabeth Taylor was an actress who passed away in 2011. She was known for her roles in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Butterfield 8

She was gorgeous in her time, and she would have still been beautiful today. She once famously said, “Success is a great deodorant,” so we are assuming she always smelled great! 

Ingrid Bergman was an Academy Award-winning Swedish actress known for her famous role in Casablanca. She starred in many classic movies and was considered Hollywood Royalty. 

She was an amazing actress and her stunning appearance added to her success. She would probably have been a top pick for La La Land if she was an actress in modern times. 

Wallis Simpson was an American socialite who caused King Edward VIII to give up his throne. So scandalous! If it wasn’t for this scandal, Queen Elizabeth II wouldn’t be ruling today. Elizabeth’s father stepped in to take the throne when Edward gave up his title. 

Who knows what the world would be like today if that didn’t happen. Just to get this straight, an American divorcee wanted to marry the king, but that wasn’t allowed so the king had to give up his thrown. That sounds eerily familiar (Meghan and Harry). 

Mary was the Queen of England and Ireland, and best known for her efforts to reverse the English Reformation. She is also known as “Bloody Mary” for her actions against Protestants. 

She was a harsh ruler, and many feared her. In her updated picture, she looks a little less scary. She also seems more approachable than her original portrait. 

Elizabeth Woodville was the long-standing wife of King Edward IV. She was the first commoner to marry royalty. She was called the most beautiful woman on the Isle of Britain. 

She had a unique look and was known for her eyes that “looked like those of a dragon.” She would have been beautiful today, and her original portrait doesn’t do her justice compared to the descriptions. 

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