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Introducing the Catholic Signal Corps…

Introducing the Catholic Signal Corps…

Catholic Signal Corps.

What do I mean?


  • Big social media outlets are filtering, censoring, shadow banning content and users, “deplatforming” those whose opinions are not “acceptable” to them.
  • This is going to get worse as we continue to polarize.
  • People who want to or who do use the interwebs for good, Catholic works usually don’t have the tech background to, say, be a server administrator or to unwedge problems as they arise… and they always arise.
  • Building up a free standing site and keeping it updated and running is not easy. Not just anyone can do it.  Believe me.  I have practical knowledge of the problem, not theoretical.

Think about this if your parish or a priest is trying to set something up.

It is hard to find good tech help that is both capable and reliable.

I am happy to announce that…


We have formed the

Catholic Signal Corps!

We have a Patreon site to raise money so we can also pay – at least a little – the team members.


We have also teamed up with Roman Catholic Gear to provide “Thank You!” gifts to people who become Patrons of the Corps through Patreon.

There are two more levels we are working on.

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