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My Lord, My Companion

My Lord, My Companion

As I stand on the world’s highest mountains,

I know You are with me

As I walk in the world’s deepest valleys,

I know You are there

As I sail on the world’s deepest seas,

I know You are by my side

As I view the endless blue waters,

I am reminded of Your eternal love

As I walk in the world’s thickets forests,

I know You are by my side

As I cast my eyes on the blue endless skies,

I am reminded of Your infinite love

As I cross the world’s largest deserts,

I know You care for me

As I look at the landscapes,

I am glad for You created them all

As I travel the world’s greatest cities,

Your company keeps me whole

As I fly in the world’s biggest planes,

Your presence comforts me

As I take a walk in the countryside,

You keep me company

As I inhale the spring scented morning breeze,

I know You will always be there each day

As I cycle downtown with my hair flowing backwards,

I know You won’t abandon me.

As I walk down the street my soul rejoices and

I am glad for You first loved me

by Hope Tshuma

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