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Pope Francis Names Scranton’s Father Jeffrey Walsh as New Bishop of Gaylord, Michigan…

In 2006, he was appointed episcopal vicar for the eastern pastoral region. In 2015, he was named episcopal vicar for clergy by Scranton Bishop Joseph C. Bambera.

He became pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish and Saint Rose of Lima Parish in July 2020. He recently oversaw the renovation of the almost 150-year-old Saint Rose of Lima church.

Walsh has also served as a school chaplain and chaplain to the deaf community, as well as diocesan vocations director.

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Bishop Bambera said: “With pride and gratitude to God, we celebrate Pope Francis’ appointment of Father Walsh to serve as the sixth bishop of the Diocese of Gaylord.”

“This announcement brings great joy in the Diocese of Scranton as the Holy Father has chosen a native son, nurtured and formed locally, to the office of episcopal leadership and service in the Church.”

“Having known and served alongside Father Walsh for many years, he has shown himself to be a caring, compassionate and skilled pastor. His deep love for the Lord is evident in the loving service that he has shared with the flock of Christ entrusted to his care in a wide range of parishes, ministries, and apostolates.”

“Father Walsh has generously shared his talents and his love for the Church in so many ways, especially with our youth, elderly, the poor, sick, and those on the periphery.”

The bishop added: “While this appointment is somewhat bittersweet for many of us in the Church of Scranton … we are grateful to God that he has chosen Father Walsh to serve the broader Church and particularly our brothers and sisters in the Church of Gaylord as bishop.”

St. Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cathedral in Gaylord, Michigan. rossograph via Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 4.0).
St. Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cathedral in Gaylord, Michigan. rossograph via Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 4.0).

Walsh will be ordained the sixth bishop of Gaylord on March 4, 2022, at St. Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cathedral, in the city of Gaylord. The diocese has released a novena prayer ahead of the ceremony.

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The bishop-elect said. “In particular, I would like to acknowledge the kind support of Bishop Joseph C. Bambera. The most important act of gratitude I can offer is for my parents, Jerome and Nancy (Doud) Walsh. They, as well as my deceased grandparents, have been the most significant formators of my life.”

“I have been blessed with a solid, but by no means ‘perfect,’ family that also includes my two brothers, two nieces, one nephew, aunts, and uncles and many close first cousins.”

“Looking forward, I hope to bring a missionary spirit to my episcopal ministry under the mantle of Divine Providence. From ‘Penn’s Woods’ to the land of ‘Great Lakes,’ I trust God’s loving plan.”

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