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Problems? Get the best advice here!

Problems? Get the best advice here!

Taking exams? Problems with your family? Arguments with your friends? Discover the best advice you’ll ever get. Dani and Dannah don’t beat around the bush. In three little words (Pray about it) they explain exactly what you can do when you’re at a loss! 

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Pray about it! In other words: pray for it! 

With the advice of these two girls, you can take on the world again for a while. These two sisters Dani & Dannah Locket have their own YouTube channel and like to send a piece of positivity into the world. Their videos have not gone unnoticed. After their video “Call Jesus” went viral and the invitations to appear on television poured in. Meanwhile, the girls are even acting. 

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Why should their videos inspire so many people? After all, they are just two little girls – what do they know?

Maybe because we’re all a little jealous of their determination, of their confidence. Their message is just simple: call Jesus!

Pray, just as you are

Don’t we sometimes make prayer too complicated? Do we have too high expectations of God or maybe just too low expectations? Do you expect God to make everything better and good or do you feel that God will not listen to you? Or maybe it seems like heaven stays silent. Dani and Dannah’s advice is not the solution to your problems but their tip will help you put your problems in the right perspective. Is there something too hard, too big, too sad that you can’t talk to Jesus about? 

Are you up to the challenge?

Their advice is also a challenge. Pray for it. Call Jesus. But maybe you’re thinking: so what’s the number? And how should I pray? Read more about prayer here and find out how this simple advice can change your life too. And if you first want to know more about who Jesus is, click here

Don’t forget this!

Perhaps the most important comment is, “Don’t forget that God loves you. That you are a child of God. He is pleased with you.” If this is the foundation, how does that change your conversation with God?  

Do you have a bad connection with Jesus yourself and need help to “call him”? Send us a message here and we’d love to pray for you! Prefer a personal conversation about prayer? Our e-coaches would love to talk further with you here

And to end with the words of Dani & Dannah: Call Jesus > Advice – take it – twice!

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