God is love

Capital M-Miracles

“As the Spirit’s Love shines through you, My healing Presence goes to work in the other person.” Jesus Always I was up late at night, writing a letter to my son that would be read at his funeral the next day. Our son was born a few weeks earlier with what we learned was a rare and fatal disorder. I had started the letter with a lament, the same familiar one I had been repeating over and over to myself after I was released from the hospital. We longed for you to live, my son. We asked, but we didn’t see our miracle. The ones with the capital M’s, the ones people write about and make movies out of. Then, this next sentence came falling out onto the page. Here’s the thing, though, sweet boy. We did see other things. It surprised me. I kept writing. We did see other things We saw nurses who to...

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