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God’s Gift of Pets: Animal Rescue Advocate Lavonne Redferrin and Country Singer Irlene Mandrell

We’re celebrating one of God’s most special gifts: our pets. Animal rescue advocate Lavonne Redferrin and musician Irlene Mandrell have been deeply touched by God’s creatures and share sweet stories of how animals have impacted their lives. Lavonne Redferrin is the founder and executive director of Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue, which not only matches animals up with loving families, but works with local organizations, like prison ministries, to provide the therapeutic benefits of being around animals. Lavonne tells us about the earliest days of the organization and why she thinks God blessed us with the gift of pets. Growing up, Irlene Mandrell saw her fair share of miracles as she watched her sister Barbara rise to country music fame, then saw her sister Louise’s star rise alongside her o...

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