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Starting Over: Emily Ley & Shannon Rozenburg Live for What Truly Matters

Emily Ley & Shannon Rozenburg have two very different stories to share about how God transformed their lives and how they “started over.” Emily Ley is a mom, business owner and author. Emily found the demands of her job and her own tendency to seek “perfection” in all that she did was taking away from time from what was really important: time with God and time with her family. Emily shares how she pared back and started simplifying in order to enjoy what really mattered in her life. Shannon Rozenburg is the daughter of Steve and Donna Rozenburg, who appeared on Episode 2 of the podcast to share how their family had been shattered by addiction. Shannon now comes to the podcast to talk about her road to recovery and how “tough love” played a part in her turnaround. Ultimately, she credit...