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T. D. Jakes and Don Moen: Where Is God When Our Dreams Are Crushed?

T. D. Jakes: I’m at that stage of my life now that I really want to leave footprints behind about what it really costs to be who you are and how to survive crushings that people don’t see, because they see you only through the window of how they understand you to be. But life is much bigger than 30 minutes on television or an hour on television. Life is much bigger than 8 hours on a job. And sometimes we make assumptions about people we work with, or live next door to, or we see on TV that are not correct assumptions about what their whole life is like. When There Seems to Be No Way, God Is Still Working: T. D. Jakes and Don Moen – Episode #152 Narrator: Welcome to the Jesus Calling Podcast. Our guests today find solace in the scripture from Romans 8:28 that says, “And we know that in all ...

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