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Take it easy: “My sister ruined my special meeting.”

Take it easy: “My sister ruined my special meeting.”

“My sister ruined my special meeting. I had been so looking forward to it. Finally he would come to my house. What an honor. I don’t have posters hanging over my bed just yet, but this man is my hero, my idol. My sister is also a fan. So she would help me. And what does she do? Nothing. Nothing at all! In fact – she claims him completely. What about me?” 

“I could hardly sleep because of it. That’s how excited I am. I still can’t believe he’s coming over to my house. I’ve heard so much about him. So many special stories. What would he be like in real life? Would he be disappointed? But I also think about it: what will he think of me? I want to make a good impression, of course!”

Everything perfect

“Look there he is. So he really is coming along here. Fortunately, I have prepared well. House to can, soon good food. I’m going to spoil him. He deserves that. This man means so much to people. I’m so curious about his stories. But that will come later. First make sure everything is perfect.” 

“Where is that sister of mine again? She was supposed to help anyway. I call her but she just doesn’t come. What? She just plopped down. Right next to him on the couch. What about dinner? I’ll definitely have to do that again.”

“I’m freaking out in the kitchen. This guest is coming into our house. Our house! And now I’m standing here doing everything by myself and she’s just sitting in the living room. Now she’s hearing all the cool stories and I… I’m getting angrier and angrier. Maybe our guest will say something. I’m sure he’s figured out that I’m angry. And he probably also thinks it’s weird that my sister just doesn’t do anything for him at all. I throw some angry glances into the room, but no one picks them up. Bunch of….”

“Oh wait, I hear my name. He knows my name! He’ll give my sister a good telling off. Nice one…!”

Take it easy. What would you do?

How would you feel? Your idol comes to your home. Think of the king and queen, Beyonce, Dwanye Johnson or Ronaldo. What would you do? Scrub, scrub, shop, buy new clothes? And once your guest arrives? 

By the way, a video was made of this encounter. Can you see how it turns out.

[embedded content]

So it’s a story from the Bible. The story of Martha and Mary. Two sisters who meet Jesus. One sister is super busy taking good care of Jesus and the other is quietly listening. One of them gets worked up because she has to do everything herself, while Jesus would rather that she joined in the fun. 

Moral of the story: relax. Take your time to get to know Jesus. You don’t have to be perfect or always working for God. Take it easy!

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