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These Catholic bishops support Archbishop Cordileone’s ban of Nancy Pelosi from Holy Communion…

Diocese of Springfield


Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas

More in US

Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann issued the following statement on May 20:

“I applaud Archbishop Cordileone’s patient and persevering efforts to
enlighten Speaker Pelosi about the moral gravity of her extreme efforts to
promote, to advocate and to initiate legislation to enshrine legalized abortion into
federal law. I fully support the both pastoral and courageous actions that
Archbishop Cordileone has now taken in an effort to awaken Speaker Pelosi’s
conscience and at the same time to protect Catholics in the Archdiocese of San
Francisco and throughout the country from being confused by Speaker Pelosi’s
radical support for abortion, while claiming to be a faithful Catholic. I pray that
Speaker Pelosi will have a change of heart.”


Diocese of Lincoln


Archdiocese of Oklahoma City

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Diocese of Tyler

Washington State

Diocese of Spokane

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