How to Be a Blessing

During the holiday season, we reflect on a time of thanksgiving and blessings. Here are some creative ways to bless those around you. Join Our Telegram Group : Salvation & Prosperity  

The Wilderness Season

As Christians we go through spiritual dryness and feel as if we are in the wilderness. Here are some tips to help find hope in these times. Join Our Telegram Group : Salvation & Prosperity  

Scripture Writing Guide – November 2022

Scripture writing plans are incredibly simple, yet incredibly effective for helping us read, interpret and absorb the Word of God. Rather than simply letting our eyes pass over a verse and perhaps miss its full meaning, writing Scripture down helps us absorb each word and really think through what the passage before us is saying. Each day in November you’ll have opportunity to write down a verse. We suggest using a journal where you can add any additional mediations or prayers that the verse brings to mind. Photo Credit: ©SWN Join Our Telegram Group : Salvation & Prosperity  

A Battle Plan For Overcoming Fear

When life becomes overwhelming, we tend to let fear creep in and steal our joy. We must have a plan to master fear and move into the freedom of Christ. Join Our Telegram Group : Salvation & Prosperity  

What We Intend

The three of us are up in the mountains, cedars and redwoods reaching toward warm October sky. The path we walk is wide enough for Mugsy, who, on her leash, finds every rustle in the shrubs an irresistible invitation to explore. We make our way to the lake, a wide expanse of deep blue and teal sparkling with ripples across its otherwise smooth surface, and walk out onto the dock, intent on getting as close as we can to the cold water without plunging in. It was a delicious four-hour drive to our friend’s cabin, talking about family and makeup and wallpaper and God. I love her dearly, the friend who loves me and moved away and still comes to visit often. Whenever we are together, people ask if we are sisters, and we love it—leaning in close, hip to hip, head to head, and smiling ear to ear....

8 Ways to Find Healing When You’ve Been Hurt

We all have experienced hurt in our lifetime, but it is how we heal from the hurt that is the most crucial. Join Our Telegram Group : Salvation & Prosperity  

Sitting With Messy Grief

In memory, the turbulence created by losing a loved one causes those first long days of mourning to become foggy, but the people who showed up, stood up, and rose up amongst the chaotic whirl of life stand out.  As one who has been cocooned in grief and blankets on the edge of the couch I remember the faces that flowed in and out. When the sorrows of life and death pile high, our thoughts can easily become characterized more by messy questions than solid faith. It would be foolish to assume that life can happen without mess, though I might just take that option if it were available. We all face trials and bear witnesses to how quickly life can become layered and difficult. It is there in the stacking of trial that we face a choice.  Let people in.  Let the God (who already k...

Messy No Longer

Scrubbing. Dusting. Washing. Vacuuming. If there’s one extra-biblical theologically-sounding statement my family believes in, it’s “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” With three dogs & four humans, our house can get messy. Even if it’s been less than a week since cleaning, the dirt and grime stealthily builds up. I dread the beginning of the whole process, but I love the end result. There’s nothing like a clean toilet and uncluttered surfaces. I truly admire a dust-free house, even if it only lasts a few days. There’s something triggered deep within my soul when the weekly chores have been completed. I can rest in knowing I have a window of time to enjoy the clean sparkle. Much like my admiration for an unsullied household, there’s something to be said about a washed life. This world i...

11 Ways to Live Fulfilled

It is so easy to get caught up in life and we forget to just live, here are some tips to help. Join Our Telegram Group : Salvation & Prosperity  

Messy Learning

One of my biggest surprises when it comes to parenting is how nonlinear it is. I always imagined that once I taught my child something, we could just move on to the next thing. Once she learned the alphabet song,  she would always know it and we could build on that. It’s been much messier than that. She might know the alphabet song for a time and then months later “Q R S” have mysteriously disappeared and been left out entirely. Not to say that my children never retain anything, but it requires so much more relearning and repetition than I expected. Predictably, I also expected my walk with Jesus would be more linear. Instead, I find that the more I know Jesus, the more I realize what a mess I am and how short I fall. Those lessons in humility I hoped I had learned in my early 20s? I ...

Our Battle with Time

You don’t have to justify your life. I am in my bedroom, about to lay my head on the pillow, thinking about how this was just one more day that felt like so little had gotten accomplished. Or, perhaps, my expectations were warped in the first place? What did I really believe I could get done? You don’t have to justify your life. When I hear the Father’s words in my heart, I am disorientated, desperate for recalibration: Productivity. Expectation. Accomplishment. Time. Father, yes, for most of my life, I have been sacrificing the miracle of the present for the future’s ever-elusive false promise of achievement. The gift of a moment lost when, for the sake of the future, time is something to conquer, manipulate, and control. The cost I’ve paid? Peace. Contentment. Love. To engage with God, I...

September Printable: Rest

Fall is officially here and Sarah Dohman has designed a beautiful fall printable to celebrate the crisp air and changing of leaves. As seasons shift we can feel the hustle of life tug at our souls, but Jesus is always there to give us peace. Go to Him. He awaits your weary heart with rest and revival. Click Here to Get Your Free Printable Join Our Telegram Group : Salvation & Prosperity