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Stories about Jesus

Stories about Jesus

There are stories about Jesus from all over the world. The most important story about Jesus is, of course, in the Bible, where we can trace the most important years of His life. Those years that Jesus was on earth have had the desired effect; namely that the stories about Jesus have been passed on and written down. This is how we get to know him. And because he is still alive today, everyone can form his or her own story or relationship with Jesus and God.

Do you know or do you have a personal story with Jesus?

Testimonies of Christians from the past

The very first testimonies of Christians about Jesus are in the Bible. The first four books of the New Testament in the Bible are about Jesus and were written separately by four different people, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The stories from these four Gospels all describe the life of Jesus. If you read the bible you will find that these stories are broadly the same, but one writer describes an event with slightly different details than the other writer. It also happens that one evangelist tells a certain story about Jesus and the other does not.

Non-biblical stories about Jesus

Apart from the Bible, there have been historians who write about Jesus, including Flavius Josephus and the Greek philosopher Celsus. These are non-biblical stories about Jesus. These people were not Christians, they simply told what kind of man Jesus was, what they thought of him and described his death.

Stories about Jesus from this time

It makes sense that there are stories about Jesus from the time he lived, although stories of Jesus’ life were eventually suppressed. It was a move that authorities preferred not to see. Yet stories were also written down then – and even now, 2000 years later, Jesus is really experienced by people and there are many beautiful testimonies to be found. The most startling testimonials are from people who have made a major turnaround in their lives. Many of those special stories are therefore written down in books.

The story of Saul

There is a story about Saul in the Bible. Saul deeply hated Christians and Jesus. He even persecuted them; went after them and imprisoned them, or worse. At one point God spoke to him in a special way, after which he started to tell others about the goodness of Jesus.

Stories about muslims who became christians

Even today, examples and books can be found of people who at first did not want to know anything about Jesus and God; Below is a list of impressive books by Muslims who became Christians:

  • Nabeel Qureshi – Seeking Allah, finding Jesus
  • Joseph Fadelle (previously names Mohammed al-Sayyid al-Moussawi) – The Price to pay
  • Mosab Hassan Yousef – Son of Hamas
  • Tass Saada – Once an Arafat man (written by a Palestinian sniper)

Stories about Jesus from people near you

In addition to these books, there are countless stories of people closer to us experiencing Jesus. Maybe you know such a story from someone in your area?

Take for example the story of Aishah. She grew up in a muslim household and always thought she’d be a muslim like her parents. She would pray to Allah several times a day and marry a muslim husband. This changed when she got into a relationship with a christian man. His family prayed for her and she was amazed by how often this God listened to their requests when it was asked in the name of Jesus. After a while, she even started calling God her father and she felt herself surrounded by his love and peace. You can watch the video here.

Other people’s stories about Jesus

On and we offer inspiration and courses and we receive many responses. We share some great stories:

Reactions on

“I want to thank you…because without the online courses and information about Jesus, I wouldn’t be here. I am from Iran and I would have given up on life, but now I have found hope.”

“This year has been so hard for me. I lost my mother to Covid and now I have to take care of my very sick father alone. I have struggled with Covid myself. At one point I got so angry with God that I hadn’t been able to pray in months. I blamed God for all this misery. So I want to thank you for your emails because your words of hope remind me that even though I feel lonely, with God I am never alone. Because of our weakness He is strong.”

  “A big thank you to my e-coach. Because of her help and this course, I no longer see faith as adhering to rules and regulations, but as a way of life – full of gratitude and love.”

Stories on

“When I visited your website for people who struggle with suicidal thoughts, I never expected to connect with someone who would talk to me about God, to be pointed towards God’s promises that I can hold on to. I can see now that God will bring people into your life that will draw you closer to Him. My dark thoughts haven’t completely disappeared but I feel like I can breathe again and I have now seen the shimmer of light. I have found hope.”

“At my grandfather’s funeral, the minister said that my grandfather’s greatest desire was that we all would personally connect to Jesus. I was so moved. When I got home, I started searching online. Who is Jesus? I found this online course and learned all about Him. I have now decided to give my life to Jesus!”

Jesus loves you

Perhaps you read these stories about Jesus and wonder if you too can feel a connection with God. Or do you just want to know more about Jesus and God and be encouraged? We know God loves you and we invite you to read our daily encouragement or take a class. Taking that first step is probably all it takes!

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