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5 Ways To Find Your Purpose

5 Ways To Find Your Purpose

“ My identity as a child of God gives my life meaning and purpose.”

– Jesus Listens,October 23rd

If you’ve ever asked, What is my purpose? or Do I have a calling in life?, you’re not alone. For years, I was stuck and unsure about what I was supposed to be doing and why I was here. I was drowning in these popular words: purpose, calling, and vision. After revelations and a lot of research, I learned how to use those lofty concepts to my advantage. It took me a long time and much introspection to realize that my calling is creating. If you are struggling like I was, use these five tips to discover your true calling and purpose:  

1. Embrace change

Change is a difficult but necessary starting point. A dream cannot thrive in a stubborn, fixed, cold environment. It needs what all living things need: attention, resources, time, and room to grow from infancy into the potential God created for it. Take inventory of what’s currently working well in your life and change the rest. By making these concrete changes, you are essentially saying to yourself and God, “I’m accountable now. I’m making the space for you in my life and for whatever you want me to pursue in this season.” 

2. Learn your natural intelligence

Humans have eight different kinds of intelligence. For example, someone who is “people smart” might thrive in a social career style, like teaching or counseling. Others who are “nature smart” might be more comfortable working with animals or machinery. This level of awareness provides clarity and direction for which dreams to pursue and the skills to develop. 

  • Word Smart: You think with words. Try learning a new language this year.  
  • Logic Smart: You think with questions. You might enjoy solving a new puzzle. 
  • Picture Smart: You think with pictures. Why not design something?
  • Music Smart: You think with rhythm/melodies. Learn to play a new instrument.
  • Body Smart: You think with movement. Set a new physical goal to surpass in 2024. 
  • Nature Smart: You think with patterns: shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and textures. You may enjoy volunteering at a pet shelter or as a museum docent. 
  • People Smart: You think with others. Connect deeper with a friend or co-worker this year.
  • Self Smart: You think with reflection. Give therapy a try.

3. Create a “sense of urgency” chart

Write down your ideas/thoughts/dreams. In the margins, write a number for each, one being the least amount of urgency you feel toward executing this idea and ten being the highest sense of urgency. If you knew you only had a few years left to live, this would be the goal to prioritize.

I’ll use mine as an example:

  • Open a boutique downtown — 2
  • Try for another child — 4
  • Write a book about purpose, calling, and vision to help others — 10

4. Build new habits, starting with a daily date with God

I often wonder when someone says they are searching for purpose in life if what they are really hoping to find is their unique path to happiness. To find happiness, I look in the places that bring me satisfaction. But if I’m searching for life-long meaning and value, then I look to the One who created me and gave me the desire to search for meaning in the first place.

For the next sixty days, commit to showing up in your faith relationship. Each day will look different. The most important thing is that you remain present and open-minded. If loving God becomes your sense of purpose each day, then your life’s calling will naturally become the space on earth where you showcase God’s love to others. It becomes the where to your why. After spending time with God, He will eventually reveal certain things for you to accomplish within your calling. He will give you little hints of His master playbook. Everything in life begins with a clear vision. And clear vision begins with Him.

5. Shift your perspective from success to service

I like to repeat this to myself: Life is not about you; it’s about providing value. The best two questions we can ask ourselves each morning are, “How can I provide value to someone today?” and, “How can I best be used?” Keeping our dreams a secret is actually an act of selfishness, because no one can benefit from them. But if we move through the dreaming into something tangible, people benefit from what was once just a dream. 

Let this be the time you discover what you’re made for and who you’re made to serve. Apply these five tips to find true meaning in life over and above mere happiness.

About The Author

Ciara Laine Myers the author of Glasses Off: God When Your Vision Is Gone. She loves her family and friends, and she loves to read. Like you, she’s not just one thing. She’s a mother and an award-winning business owner. You can find her in the pages of this book and in Prosper, Texas, where she lives with her husband Paul, her daughters Audri and Averi, and her dog Zoey.

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