Christmas joy

Five Reasons We Need Christmas

An old familiar song says that “we need a little Christmas,” but the way I see it, we need a whole lot of Christmas this year. Here are five things that make this season so merry and bright to me. And who knows—you might even find a few of yours mentioned! 1. Christmas puts us in a great mood. One of my favorite things is to walk around in December and just hear people greet each other. In the grocery store, as you pay for your items, the clerk looks up, and cheerily says, “thank you and Merry Christmas!” I’ve seen countless people readily react to this greeting with a grin responding, “Merry Christmas to you!”  Think about things you could to do share your good mood with others, like paying for the coffee order behind you in the Starbucks drive-thru line. Instant smile! Your good moo...

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