eternal fire

Will Licentiousness and Lewdness send you to hell? (Jude 4, Jude 7)

In this podcast episode, I discuss how to avoid hypocritical thinking in politics, answer a listener question about Jude 4, and discuss what the eternal fire in Jude 7 refers to. How to Avoid Hypocrisy in Politics Listen to the podcast for the full discussion, but the bottom line truth is that whenever you think about criticizing a political opponent or person for their actions, first consider whether you would say the same thing if someone from your own political party had done the same thing. (Chances are, someone from your own political viewpoint HAS done the same thing… when that happened, what did you say or do?) If you would be silent, then remain silent now. If you spoke out, then feel free to speak out now. Question from a Listener on Jude 4 How do you harmonize eternal security wi...

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