Plan for Grumble-Free Holidays

by Tricia Goyer “Thank Me frequently as you journey through today…When your mind is occupied with thanking Me, you have no time for worrying or complaining.” Jesus Calling, November 25 The holidays ring out with jingle bells and the laughter of children. But too often they often ring out with something not so jolly: grumbles. As a mom of ten kids, the complaints and whines seemed to slide in with the season, until my husband and I decided to try something different. We invited our kids (and also my grandmother, who lives with us) to attempt a Grumble-Free Year. We knew our family’s grumbles pointed back to a serious heart-issue: discontent. It took a full twelve-months to dig out the roots of dissatisfaction. Along the way, I also discovered a few ways each of us can plan to go grumble-fre...

Peace : a lesson from greek mythology.