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You Are Good Enough: Hunter Hayes and Jen Ledger Find Their Value In Christ

Today’s guests, multi-platinum country star Hunter Hayes and drummer Jen Ledger from the Christian supergroup Skillet, have battled with dark feelings of inadequacy and anxiety. They have each found hope through these feelings by remembering how God views them. Hunter Hayes is a five-time GRAMMY nominee and one of the youngest solo male artists to top the Hot Country Songs chart. Hunter discusses how he grew into a singer/songwriter and how he works out the answers to hard questions through his songs, like his latest single “Dear God.” Hunter is candid about his insecurities; despite his monumental success at such a young age, he deals with feelings of not being good enough. Over the last ten years, Jen Ledger has been the drummer for Skillet as they’ve been nominated for GRAMMYs and playe...

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