What are the names of God?

We see the word ‘god’ in many religions. Often the gods also have their own names. In Christianity, God is also often addressed by the word God. Why? Because Christians believe that there is only one God. That’s also why they always write it with a capital letter. But did you know that in the Bible, the most important book for Christians, there are many other names for God? They all say something about the character and deeds of God. Some names of God YHWH In Exodus God calls himself I Am. This name is also known as the letters YHWH, which is often pronounced Yahweh or Jehovah. This roughly translates to I Am. This name describes God’s presence; He is always there, always with you. The name Yahweh occurs about 7,000 times in the Old Testament. Adonai – My Lord The Jews do not pronounce his...

Holy trinity, what is it?

When we read the Bible, God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit are mentioned. In a way as if they belong together. They are also known as the Holy Trinity. Christians believe in the Holy Trinity. One God but who consists of several persons. That may sound complicated, but with a good explanation it is easy to understand. Who of the Holy Trinity? God the Father God is at the center of this Holy Trinity. Christians see God as the maker of this world. God is also often described as a father. You can read this, for example, in 1 Corinthians 8:6. He is a loving father. So it is a very personal approach. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are part of God. But God is the source. Still discovering who God is? Then start reading here. God the Son Jesus is perhaps the most famous person in history...

Jouw toekomst, wat zegt God er over?

“Jij wordt volgende week miljonair!” Goed nieuws toch? Maar wat dacht je van: “Je zal niet ouder worden dan 35 jaar.” Dat is dan toch even wat meer schrikken. Maar deze boodschap krijg je niet in het ziekenhuis maar bij een waarzegster. En wat doe je dan met deze toekomstvoorspelling? Toekomst voorspellen is iets wat al eeuwen gedaan wordt. Van een waarzegster met haar glazen bol op de kermis, tot een paragnost die online tarot kaarten leest. De manieren waarop men de toekomst voorspelt lijken eindeloos.  Culturen verschillen onderling ook in hun manieren. Zo lezen Roemeense heksen over de toekomst in tarwe korrels of je hand palm. In Rusland voorspelt men de toekomst door het druppelen van gesmolten lood, tin of bijenwas in water. Allemaal denken ze je een accurate voorspelling over ...

The conversion of Paul

There was a man with a mission. His name was Saul. He was a zealous scribe. He breathed out murderous threats against anyone who did not follow Jewish law. He had them dragged to prison and executed. Saul destroyed the community of the followers of Jesus. Jesus, this so-called Son of God! Saul had no intention of stopping the persecution of Jesus’ followers. He wanted to go to Damascus to have the believers there imprisoned and brought to Jerusalem.


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Feeding the multitude

A huge crowd followed Jesus to listen to his words. 5000 man, the women en children were not part of that number, so it’s a huge group of people. How are you going to feed them, without shops nearby? There’s not food for all these people so, the disciples are trying to solve the problem. With a small kid as star of the story. Beautiful. [embedded content]

Jesus blesses the children

How can you become part of the Kingdom of God? Jesus shows us when he invites mothers to bring their children to him. Jesus blesses the children and he says that we should be open to the Kingdom of God in the same way as children. For God’s Kingdom is a gift, it is not a reward for important people, or for people who did important things for God. [embedded content]

Are the Gospels reliable?

THE MOST IMPORTANT EXISTING OPINIONS ON THE MATTER There will be no end to the debate on whether or not the gospels in the Bible are reliable. These books were written centuries ago and there simply isn’t any hard evidence for historians to use. Here’s a summary of the existing opinions: MOSTLY UNRELIABLE 1. MIRACLES DON’T EXIST ‘There are the descriptions of miracles, and miracles don’t exist, so those sections need to be deleted anyway. But then what does that tell you about the author? How believable can he be? You’ll have to take the rest of his report with a grain of salt as well.’ 2. INSPIRED BY OTHER STORIES ‘There are many myths that refer to gods visiting in human form, who, for example, conceive a child. The story of Jesus is inspired by these.’ 3. NO HISTORICAL RECORDS ‘The book...

Wedding in Cana

Jesus must have been around 30 years old, when he got known among the bigger audience. He was baptized by his cousin John the Precursor (John the Baptist) in the Jordan river. During Jesus’ baptism, the heavens opened and the Holy Spirit descended like a dove from heaven and Jesus rested (read John 1:19-34). It all had been very special and a small group of people began to follow Jesus. The first place where this group of friends could be found was at a wedding. [embedded content] How symbolic it is, that a wedding was the place to be for Jesus. He was present at a feast, where the love of two people is being bound. Besides Jesus, also His mother, family and friends can be found at the party. It is not clear whether the couple had a limited budget, but one moment during the wedding, the co...