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I interviewed Frank Viola about his book, ReGrace, and he accused me of heresy. 🤣🤣🤣 (He was joking. I think.)

This is a BONUS episode of my One Verse Podcast. In it, I interview best-selling author, Frank Viola, about his new book, ReGrace. This book shows how Christians can get along with each other, even when we disagree with one another. The book goes into some of the shocking and outrageous theological views that were held by several of the greatest Christians in history. This should not cause us to shun or condemn them, but simply to realize that we ALL have some crazy ideas. Frank Viola has some crazy views … and so do I. And you do too. This book shows that we ALL have some crazy theological views, and so rather than condemn each other as heretics, let’s learn to live and laugh together. By taking a humorous look at some of the crazy views of theological giants like C. S. Lewis, Marin Luthe...

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