breakthrough story

Trusting the God of Miracles: the Real-Life Story Behind “Breakthrough” Movie

Today we hear the miraculous true story of one mother’s belief in the power of prayer that not only brought her son back to life, but continues to inspire people around the world in a new inspirational movie called Breakthrough, starring Chrissy Metz from NBC’s This Is Us. On a cold winter’s day in Missouri, John Smith was a 14-year-old boy playing on a frozen lake with two of his best friends. But a carefree day soon grew dire as the ice gave way and boys fell into the lake. While John’s friends were able to escape, John remained underwater for fifteen minutes. And by the time he was pulled out by first responders, he didn’t have a pulse. John’s mother Joyce was summoned to the hospital, and when she saw her son’s lifeless body on the hospital bed, she turned to God for a miracle. Later, ...

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