Ephesians 2:2

The Subjects of Satan (Ephesians 2:2)

Do you understand what is going on in the world? You would, if you understand the real problem with humanity. Ephesians 2:2 begins to show us what this problem is. The verse contains three phrases that point to one single reality as the identity of our problem. Before we get to our study of Ephesians 2:2, however, we will be answering a question from a reader about hell and ultimate reconciliation. Ultimate Reconciliation? Do you think the ultimate restoration of all things (not the same thing as universalism though people could get nervous and think so) is possible? I address this question in my book, What is Hell?, but let me briefly summarize what I write in the book. First, let me state the 3 basic views on what happens to unregenerate people after they die. The first view is Eternal C...

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