godmothers who war

Becoming Godmothers Who War

I infused meaning into your mind and harmony into your heart. Join Me in singing My song. Together we will draw others out of darkness into My marvelous Light.Jesus Calling, June 14 To be a mother is to be a warrior True mothers fight for their children and want more for them than what they experienced. My prayer as a mother is that where I’ve known oppression, my children will know freedom and that my failures will serve to position them for success. Conversely, our mother’s heart hurts when we see the youth stray. I believe God is inviting us to be godmothers who are mother protectors. When we arise, men, women, and children are protected. One of the many ways to be a good mother is to be a woke one—a mama who is paying attention! She is awake and aware. Deborah first called as judge Deb...

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