Isaiah 66:24

Does Mark 9:42-50 teach about hell when it refers to worms and fire?

My book, What is Hell? is now available on Amazon. I am doing a series of podcast studies that focus on some of the content from the book. The studies look at the eight key terms that are often equated with hell, and about a dozen key passages that are thought to teach about hell. If you want to learn the truth about hell and what the Bible actually teaches about hell, make sure you get a copy of my book, What is Hell? The following study looks at Mark 9:42-50 to see whether are not this text teaches that hell is an everlasting place of suffering and torment for the unbelieving dead. Does Mark 9:42-50 teach about hell? Their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched… (Mark 9:48). Mark 9:42-50 is very similar to Matthew 18:6-9, and can be understood in a nearly identical way. So it mi...

Een ander groot voordeel van pmu wenkbrauwen is dat ze voor iedereen geschikt zijn.