jeff hostetler super bowl

Learning to Trust God’s Timing: Tim Brown and Jeff Hostetler

NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver Tim Brown and Super Bowl champion quarterback Jeff Hostetler achieved amazing success in their sport, and have witnessed the power of God in their personal and professional lives. Tim Brown’s career spanned a record-breaking 17 years in the NFL. His motivation to succeed in life and in football was driven by a desire to reconcile with his father, after a misunderstanding when Tim was only 12 years old drove them apart for years. Tim recalls the life-changing moment with his father that would define his path for over a decade. We welcome back Jeff Hostetler for the continuation of his amazing story. Jeff led the New York Giants to their win in Super Bowl XXV some 1 ½ months after starting quarterback Phil Simms went out for the season with a broken foot. He te...

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