leah darrow

There’s Beauty In Your Brokenness: Deana Carter & Leah Darrow

Today’s guests have had both fame and beauty, but ultimately came to realize that God’s definition of their value is far greater than how they’re seen by others, or viewed in their own mirrors. Deana Carter is an award winning country music star who is grateful for successful career in music, and even more grateful to know the truth of who she is as a daughter of Christ.  Leah Darrow is a writer, speaker and a finalist on “America’s Next Top Model.”  Leah’s view of beauty was shaped by a nearly impossible standard that left her feeling unworthy and defeated.  It was only when she realized that authentic beauty comes from wholeness in God that her outlook began to change. There’s Beauty In Your Brokenness: Deana Carter & Leah Darrow – Jesus Calling Podcast Episode #8...

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