Lee Tobin McClain

Countless Ways God Shows Us Love: the Authors of Love Inspired

Authors Brenda Minton, Marta Perry, Lee Tobin McClain, and Shirlee McCoy write for Love Inspired, a line of books that shows how faith, forgiveness, and hope have the power to lift our spirits and change our lives. Through the books they create and the stories they tell us from their own lives, each author reminds us that love takes many forms, from love between parents, friends, partners, pets, children, and more. God gives us many kinds of relationships that bless our lives—all we have to do is look for them. Shirlee McCoy: I think it’s that longing and desire for belonging that embodies all of our desire to be in those loving relationships. No matter what your failures in life and what you’ve been through, you still belong to Christ. He still will love you, and He’ll still take you into...

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