Toure Roberts

Wholeness & Authenticity From the Inside Out: Sadie Robertson & Touré Roberts

This week’s episode features two guests who discuss how they found authenticity and wholeness in God. First, we speak with Sadie Robertson, star of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars and also A&E’s Duck Dynasty. Sadie shares her journey of finding freedom through being real and vulnerable to God and to others. She is passionate about speaking and writing in the hopes of encouraging others to embrace who they really are. Her latest book is entitled Live Fearless and Walk in Confidence of Freedom. Our second guest is Touré Roberts, pastor of The Potter’s House. Touré shares his background growing up with a single mom in an at-risk area of Los Angeles, and discusses how we can overcome our limitations and begin the journey to becoming whole in Christ. Wholeness & Authenticity From the Insid...

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