women of worth

Jesus Defines Our Worth: Chelsea Crockett & Kaylee Rutland

Today’s guests are two young women who have faced the typical challenges that girls deal with in our culture today– self-confidence, peer pressure, criticism, and authenticity. Chelsea Crockett started making videos as a teenager just for fun, which eventually morphed into her highly popular YouTube channel Beautylicious Insider. Chelsea’s mission is to show girls how to be authentically beautiful–mirroring the love of Christ to encourage their self-worth. Kaylee Rutland is an upcoming country music singer/songwriter who, before performing and singing, battled shyness. Her songs have a message for young women everywhere, including a very special song she wrote for her 13-year old sister who was dealing with self-confidence issues. Jesus Defines Our Worth: Chelsea Crockett & Kaylee Rutl...

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