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Step by step

Step by step

What makes you a Christian? What do you have to do? Get to know Jesus by reading and watching his biography. Step by step you will know him more.

What makes you a Christian? What do you have to do?  Is there a checklist? Can you be sure of being a child of God? 

I have been a christian all my life. But over the years I have developed my relationship with Jesus to a deeper level. I am getting to know Jesus better and my love for Jesus is growing.

The biographies of Jesus help me in this process. The video of today is a summary of the life of Jesus. It does not cover all aspects and events. But it reveals an important red thread in the Bible: God created the world for good. He gave people a choice to love him. We are not meant to be robots. We are creations with a free will.  People decided against God and created a distance that we ourselves cannot cross. Jesus closes this gap. 

The video also offers a next step to start your journey with Jesus. Get rid of any doubts about your eternity. You don’t have to earn God’s eternity with good works. All we have to do is admit we need Jesus in our lives. 

I believe this can help you. Jesus will confirm your prayer and give you peace. And then your journey begins. Jesus wants to walk with you every day. His desire is that you get to know him better. Connect on a deeper level. Step by step. Day by day. 

So, take the first step or continue your journey. Stay connected to Jesus and grow towards him everyday.

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