2nd world war

“I forgave the man who was co – responsible for my sister’s death.”

Suddenly they are face to face. Corrie ten Boom and the camp guard. Corrie has just given a speech on the theme of forgiveness. As the people leave, he comes walking forward. Then Corrie sees who this man is. This man is partly responsible for the death of her sister. He extends his hand to her: “What a beautiful message, fräulein.” Corrie freezes. Now what? How could Corrie ten Boom forgive?  Let’s go back in time for a moment. Corrie ten Boom and her family live in Haarlem. Her father Casper owns a watch store in the heart of Haarlem, and Corrie becomes the first qualified female watchmaker in the Netherlands. When World War II breaks out, their house above the watch store becomes a transit house. A temporary shelter for Jews and members of the resistance. More than 800 people found...