do what you say

If You Don’t Mean It, Don’t Say It

“When you collaborate with me . . . My Love will grace your words.” – Jesus Always, June 21 When my husband, Benjamin, was away at training camp, I was home alone with the kids for about six weeks. And by alone, I mean alone, 24-7. During this time, when I was pregnant, with little ones running around, a new friend and I were talking on the phone. She had guests coming for dinner that night. She asked, “Kirsten, do you have a slow cooker?” I laughed out loud because that question practically answers itself. I’m all for throwing a few ingredients into a pot in the morning and then, hours later, having the delicious aroma of roast, potatoes, carrots, and onions floating through the house. Is there anything more satisfying in the world? So, short answer: yes, I have a Crock-Pot. “Really?” she...

Men är det verkligen så bra som alla säger att äga sitt eget boende ?.