Think you know what humility is? Think again. (An Interview with Dan Kent, author of Confident Humility)

I had the privilege of interviewing Dan Kent this week about his book, Confident Humility. I’ll be honest. When I first heard that he had written a book about humility, I thought “Booooring … we all know everything there is to know about humility.” But then I read the book. Mind. Blown. It turns out I have been thinking and teaching about humility entirely wrong. Dan Kent’s book opened my eyes to what truly humility is, how humility works, and how to attain humility in my life. If you want to understand what the Bible teaches about humility and how to become humble and live humbly in your life, listen to my interview with Dan Kent, and then go buy a copy of his book on Amazon. Let your view of humility get turned upside down! Podcast Links: Watch the Interview with Dan Kent here: [embedded...

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