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What Does ‘Thanks For Existing!’ Mean?

What Does ‘Thanks For Existing!’ Mean?

It’s been five days since you signed up for A Miracle Every Day. I hope these daily emails are already a great blessing in your life!

You’ve probably noticed that I always end my emails with this slightly unusual expression: “Thanks for existing!”.

Many people have asked me what it means. Very good question!

In fact, one of my friends, Pastor Bruno Picard from Reunion Island, was the first to draw my attention to this expression when he finished one of his messages by saying, “Thanks for existing!”.

Thanks for existing, Bruno! You’re a wonderful person. I’m proud to know you and your wife, Elodie. I thank the Lord for your ministry that I so appreciate!

I love this phrase, “Thanks for existing”, and this is why…

  • I think it values and empowers the person to whom you say it. Thank you for existing. You are important, you are precious, you are unique! I’m grateful to God for you.
  • It gives glory to God. You exist because God desired your existence! He has a plan for your life. The proof…you are alive!
  • And finally, it’s an acknowledgment to our Creator! It’s also to Him that we gratefully say, “Thank You for existing!”

So friend, thanks for existing!

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