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Coach Joe Mazzulla of the Boston Celtics tells reporters he knows only one royal family — ‘Jesus, Mary and Joseph’…

Coach Joe Mazzulla of the Boston Celtics tells reporters he knows only one royal family — ‘Jesus, Mary and Joseph’…

This is so great!

NBA coach Joe Mazzulla of the Boston Celtics answered questions during a press conference following a victory against the Miami Heat on Nov. 30.

One reporter asked about the presence of Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton of Wales at the game.

“Did you get a chance to meet with the royal family, and if not, what was it like having them there in the building?” the reporter asked.

Mazzulla answers, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph?”

The reporter laughs and responds, “The prince and princess of Wales.”

Mazzulla then says, “I’m only familiar with one royal family. I don’t know too much about that one. But hopefully they’re Celtic fans.”

Mazzulla is a devout Catholic and a husband and father of two children. According to this report,  he is “a focused man of faith who counts priests among his dearest confidants.”

Here’s the video of his press conference:

[embedded content]
Click here if you cannot see the video above.

The video went viral across social media platforms. Many users celebrated his comments.

Here’s what some people said:

@megic1834, YouTube

This user said, “I’m not even religious, but this phrase is simply beautiful.”

@notagain9023, YouTube

Another user said, “Loved his reply. So quick and swift, yet its impact was definitely felt.”

@jesslynrex7390, YouTube

This user also said, “Yess! Let the Holy names of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph be praised for all eternity!”

@santiagomercado4523, YouTube

This user added, “Jesús, Mary and Joseph. The real royal family.”

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