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Do You Know About Jesus, Or Do You Know Jesus?

Do You Know About Jesus, Or Do You Know Jesus?

“ You are no stranger to Me, dear one.”

– Jesus Calling for Easter

I grew up in a family that never discussed giving up something for Lent. I always wondered how giving up chocolate for seven or eight weeks could make an impact on my faith in Jesus. As my faith matured, I began to better understand how Lent was a gift of time to prepare myself for Holy Week and the remembrance of Jesus’ suffering and sacrifice for me. This time of Lent was not so much about what I gave up but more what I put in place to better spend time drawing more closely to Jesus. 

It took me some time to realize that Lent was not just a time of darkness and the focus on my sinfulness, but rather an opportunity to keep my sights on the hope that Jesus offers me. This world is quick to show me how I consistently fall short of perfection. With a daily diet of spending time seeing my life through Jesus’ Light, however, I learn to live with His Hope. 

Knowing Jesus

For seven years, I had the incredible honor of working with Sarah Young, the author of Jesus Calling. She taught me so much about drawing more closely to Jesus. Sarah would say that there is an enormous difference between knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus (pg. 24). Her writings draw me nearer to Him.

Using Jesus Calling for Easter as a tool during the Lenten season opens a door to a unique 50-day journey where Scripture reveals Jesus’ Love for me and reminds me of His suffering and sacrifice. Within the readings, I am reminded that I am never alone, I am totally forgiven, I am created to glorify Him, and I live in His Light and not in the darkness of my sin. 

Path of Peace

This journey takes me along a “path of Peace” (pg. 94) and teaches me “to look for tiny treasures strategically placed” (pg. 52) throughout my day; that Jesus is “encouraging and supportive rather than condemning” (pg. 32) and that I am “understood and unconditionally loved” (pg. 127).  

For example, to give up my time with social media or watching a favorite TV show and replace it with spending time getting to better know Jesus through reading and prayer, is a beautiful way for me to journey through Lent. I am taken on an adventure experiencing His Light, His Joy, and His Peace. I come to better understand that in the darkness of my journey my “story has an amazingly happy ending” (pg. 36) 

Lenten Study

If you have not chosen a Lenten study, consider spending time knowing Jesus better through the 50 devotions selected for Jesus Calling for Easter. If you’ve begun a Lenten study, consider gifting yourself with Jesus Calling for Easter to read during the fifty days between Easter and Pentecost. Through these writings, you will come to better understand the enormous difference between knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus.

About The Author

Linda Tozer is a retired and former member of the Jesus Calling team.

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