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Finding Peace in the Storm

Finding Peace in the Storm

Rachel Wojo blog for hurricane Florence

I’ll never forget the day our family buried my mom. I remember wishing that the overcast sky would better reflect my emotions if it were rolling with fierce clouds and flashes of lightning. The thought seemed strange at the time. Not many people wish for storms. No, we typically choose to avoid them at all costs. But that day, the world had spiraled out of my control and I could do nothing to change it.

While the emotional storm raged on without my consent, my heart also felt unexplainable peace. Faith was at the helm.

If you’re facing a storm right now—a hurricane, tornado, or life-changing event—I know your world is spinning right now. While it’s hard to stay present amid anxiety and worry, and when, things seem out of control, just remember: God is always in control. He is with you wherever you are, and His peace passes all understanding. I’ve learned to turn to His promises and prayer when storms threaten.

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you,
because he trusts in you.
—Isaiah 26:3

Father, I need you. I need your Spirit to fill me with peace. There is nothing more that I can do today. Physically I am exhausted. Mentally, I am depleted. Emotionally, I am overwhelmed. But You—You are ever present, never-changing, always offering peace. It is You who keeps me, You who sustains me, You who holds me in your hand, never letting go.

It’s amazing how one verse of Scripture I’ve read a hundred times comes alive again in the presence of the Holy Spirit. As I begin to meditate on each word, thoughts of peace begin to overtake my thoughts of chaos.

God, it is Your Peace that is perfect. It’s not something I can create by lighting a candle. It’s not something I can generate through reconciling differences or exercising more restraint. Your peace knows no boundaries. It has no limitations. There is no divide so large that it cannot span. There is no wall so vast that it cannot break down. Your peace is all-powerful, all-consuming, and all-encompassing. It is perfect, and I can’t wrap my mind around it entirely. But I’m so thankful for it.

God’s Word is truly living and active. What was applicable to the prophet, Isaiah, still applies today. Isaiah knew that fixing his mind on God’s incredible strength would saturate his heart and flood it with peace.

Isaiah 26 is a powerful song of praise that declares the peace-keeping authority of almighty God. When the people of Israel chose to fix their minds and hearts on God’s will and plan for them, then peace permeated the land.

Heavenly Father, would You shift my eyes from the storm to Your strength? When I feel like I can’t handle any more turmoil or tumult, focus my perspective on Your sovereign grace. Channel my reflections to Your promises of mercy. Steady my thought stream and cause it to flow with Your abundant, supernatural peace.

I can’t claim to be an expert on trusting God through all circumstances. But at the end of long days, I don’t know any other way except to whisper to God to help me trust Him more. You see, a terminal diagnosis hovers in my home. My daughter suffers from a neurologically degenerative disease and the hands of time appear to be ticking off more quickly for her than the rest of us. She’s already lived beyond the predicted number of years. Each day, the storm threatens to steal our peace. Thankfully, my peace doesn’t rely on our abilities or circumstances or situation.

“When you are feeling weak, don’t waste energy worrying about whether you can cope with the challenges you face. I know better than you what is on the path before you, and I stand ready to help—every step of the way…Because you are Mine, I want to bless You with My Peace.”
Jesus Today, Day 95

The peace of God transcends over every circumstance, mine or yours, no matter how big or small. And it all comes from Him. When we can’t feel His peace, it doesn’t mean it is not there. It simply means it’s time to ask Him for help. He is always available.

God, I trust you to provide supernatural peace beyond what I can understand. I trust you to be the One who is in control of all things. The One who loves us beyond our capability to comprehend. The One who listens to all our distressed cries and distraught prayers. The One who supplies perfect peace through the fiercest storms.

Rachel Wojo

Rachel Wojo Jesus Calling blogRachel Wojo is the author of One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving Up. Her popular daily Bible reading plans on have reached over 5 million people.  Rachel and the love of her life, Matt, run to the rhythm of 7 children in Columbus, OH. 

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