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Pope’s Sunday Angelus: ‘Pray to See Others as God Sees Them’…

He explained that we must acknowledge when we have been indifferent towards the needs of others. “Let us ask the Lord,” he said, “to help us overcome our selfish indifference and put ourselves on the Way.”

The pope said the first Christians were called “disciples of the Way,” because they followed Jesus Christ, who is “the way, and the truth, and the life.”

As Christian believers, Francis said, we strongly resemble the Good Samaritan in the parable because we are also on a journey.

“Walking in the footsteps of Christ, the disciple becomes a wayfarer and — like the Samaritan — learns to see and to have compassion,” he said.

To really see, the pope said, means to have eyes open to reality, “not egoistically closed in on the circle of their own thoughts.”

“The Gospel teaches us to see — it leads each of us to correctly understand reality, overcoming preconceptions and dogmatism each day,” he continued, adding that “so many believers take refuge behind dogmatisms to defend themselves from reality.”

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