Living Water

Finding True Satisfaction

I am the culmination of all your hopes and desires. . . . I have lifted you out of darkness into My marvelous light. – Jesus Calling, October 11   What is your heart longing for? It’s the time of year we start pondering our New Year’s resolutions, and all the things we want to gain, achieve, and experience in the months ahead. We dream about how we could be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled 365 days from now. It’s easy to create that resolutions list and think, If I could just have this or do that, I’ll finally be happy. We think if we could lose those pounds, get that job, buy that car, then we’ll experience lasting contentment. But the problem is, we confuse our current desire with our core longing, the message each of our hearts so desperately longs to hear. We hope, plan...

Para. 15 dicas para escrever livros como um profissional. Til dig der har behov for vild adrenalin og action i esbjerg.