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The Catholic Cartoon Collection is here…..

The Catholic Cartoon Collection is here…..

Do you remember the “Sunday Funnies?” Were you a big fan of Calvin & Hobbes? Garfield? Peanuts?

Well, now we have a Catholic version!

Introduction The Catholic Cartoon Collection by Joshua Masterson!

Joshua is a very talented artist, whose work as the “Catholic Cartoonist” on Instagram is gaining him much attention.

He is a product of homeschooling and you can learn more about him in this interview with America Magazine.

“The Catholic Cartoon” is a slice-of-life humor comic that follows Father Otto, a blond-haired, big-nosed priest encountering the various stresses and joys of service.

The Catholic Cartoon Collection is now available for pre-order and will be shipping the first week of December….right in time for Christmas!

Reserve your copy today!!

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