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In our loneliness, we cry to God. Where are You? Can You hear me? And His language, His translation of our heart’s cry, helps us decipher our needs. But only after we recognize His voice first. 

You see, it is a battle to fight for our own hearts. It is a battle to fight for the heart of the beloved, the one whom He came for. How amazing this is. How worth it.

So I ask myself, how can I deny him? How can I choose to ignore His choice to love me, fight for me, by refusing to participate in the dance of love around me and in me and for me as I work, as I sleep, as I love, as I disappoint, as I let Him pick me up, again and again and again?

How are you crying out to Him this day? Are you letting Him help you know what your heart needs? What is it? What does He say?

*Inspired by a new poem that I will be sharing with you soon . . . 

From this one true heart,


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