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You might binge-listen this podcast … I know I did!…

You might binge-listen this podcast … I know I did!…

Last August, as I began working on my contract position from home, I started researching podcasts I could listen to as I did my work. I stumbled upon an engaging and catechetical podcast titled – The Exorcist Files. The podcast covers the real-life case files of Catholic exorcist Fr. Carlos Martins. After listening to the first episode, I binge-listened this podcast in only 4 days. It was so good. I could not get enough.

The first season consists of six case files totaling twelve episodes. In the first season, there are two bonus podcasts. Since then, there have been more bonus podcasts while they work on Season 2 and Fr. Carlos is on the road with the Relic of St. Jude.

The team of Ryan Bethea, Fr. Carlos Martins, and the behind-the-scenes crew do a fantastic job presenting these different case files on the demonic. The podcasts are not only catechetical, they are entertaining and easy to listen to anywhere.

Now you might be thinking – “I can’t listen to a podcast about the demonic.” That’s exactly what Satan wants you to believe. He does not want you to know more about him and this realm that only a small percentage of Catholic priests experience. There is no need to worry since the podcasts are not scary, however, if you have a vivid imagination, you may not want to listen to them at night before going to sleep.

If you would like to monetarily help the production of Season 2, I would encourage you to check out the Exorcist Files Kickstarter, which opens today.

Please share this article with your friends, both Catholics and Protestants. Although this is strictly a podcast about the Catholic Church’s understanding of the demonic, many non-Catholics can find this information helpful in understanding the misconceptions of Catholicism.

To learn more about Fr. Carlos Martins, click here

To learn more about Ryan Bethea, click here. 

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