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How do I find peace with God?

How do I find peace with God?

Sometimes life is one big mess. Everything is in knots. At least in your head. Then you can long for rest. That your thoughts can come to rest and you can just let go. Here you can discover to find peace with God.

Peace with God

In the Bible there is a beautiful book, namely the Psalms. As a result it is packed with songs that are close to life. Songs for example about: depression, anger, forgiveness and how to find rest with God. Psalm 23 is such a song. Poetry actually. This psalm can help calm your soul. 

What is a psalm?

The psalms are spoken songs with music. The word “psalm” is a Greek translation of the Hebrew word “mizmoor” and means “spoken song with string accompaniment. In the Bible, there is an entire book of the Bible with 150 psalms. As a result in many churches, these are still sung. 

Many psalms were written by or for King David. One of the most important Jewish kings in history. As a result He is an ancestor of Jesus. ]

Sandy Tales | Psalm 23

How do you find peace with God? Psalm 23 is one of the best known psalms. it is actually a song that sings about what God is like and how you find peace with God. First, watch the psalm in a Sandy Tales video. 

What is a Sandy Tale?

A Sandy Tale is telling a story with sand. The sand creator Harm van Schaik is creating together with the most beautiful videos with stories from the Bible. He uses special sand which lies on a light box. His hands paint in the sand as it were.

[embedded content]

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