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Who will help women in Texas (and elsewhere) have their babies? This is where we come in…..

Who will help women in Texas (and elsewhere) have their babies? This is where we come in…..
A patient from Texas holds a sonogram that she received in Shreveport, La., February 13, 2020. (Lila Engelbrecht/Reuters)

It was ghoulish to read about Texas abortion clinics working through 11:59 last night to get as many babies aborted before the new heartbeat bill went into law. That’s what abortion is — the killing of an unborn baby. We can all agree that we want to help women. We don’t help women when we lie about what abortion is. I watch day after day as women get ushered in the doors of abortion clinics — information about alternatives is treated as a danger. Lying about abortion being health care is a poison in our nation.

Meanwhile, women will still get pregnant when they weren’t planning to. Who will help them have their babies? Here are a few options below. We should all be finding ways to support them in Texas and our own backyards.

Houston Coalition for Life — multiple locations, including a bus outside of the Houston Planned Parenthood. (That PP has been frequently referred to as a “mega-center.”)

Birth Choice in Dallas

Human Coalition

Houston Pregnancy Help Centers — multiple locations

Update: A few more places worthy of support in the Lone Star State:

Thrive — multiple locations, in Dallas and Irving

Fort Worth Pregnancy Center

Viola’s House — a maternity home for homeless teens

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