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Global Representative for Germany –

Global Representative for Germany –

Global representative consultant to develop working relationships with leaders and ministries and to help process the Bible Plans for launch in the Bible App. This position is for 3 days a week.

Position description

The YouVersion Team at Life.Church is excited to be right in the middle of what God is doing in the area of Bible engagement around the globe. We’re innovating new ways for people to interact and engage with God’s Word in a digital age, and we’re passionate about leveraging the latest technology to reach people no matter where they are or what language they speak.

With more than 440 million installs of the Bible App to date, the YouVersion team continues to grow and evolve. We want to offer more great localized content and improve the Bible engagement experience for people everywhere. So, we’re looking for the right individuals or ministries to help us create a global network of Content Partners who will bring their original audio, video, and written content into the Bible App as daily Bible Plans. More than anything, we need people who are passionate about the mission of YouVersion: Helping people everywhere fully engage in God’s Word.

As a Global Representative, you will…

Connect with New and Existing Content Partners to Launch Bible Plans in Local Languages

  • Be the front-line champion for YouVersion in a specified area of the world; identifying, networking, and inviting ministries, pastors, local churches, mission organizations, denominations, publishers (print & digital), ministry leaders, conference organizers, cultural influencers (music, sports, film, tv, pop culture), and others to create great Bible Plan content for the Bible App.
  • Assess and recommend approval of ministries that desire to become Content Partners with YouVersion and assist the YouVersion Team in vetting and approving Bible Plans for inclusion in the Bible App. The goal is to ensure that potential content has the appropriate format, quality, viewpoint, and purpose.
  • Train Content Partners in the process of uploading their audio, video, and written content into the YouVersion Partner Portal to create Bible Plans.
  • Focus on creating a wide network of partners inside – and outside – the Network of ministries. The expectation would be that no more than 20% of a representative’s time would be spent working with any single Content Partner.

Help Partner Churches and Ministries Learn to Leverage the Bible App for Mission Impact

  • Help partner ministries understand and take advantage of opportunities within the YouVersion Bible App to create and minister to digital communities of their own. These opportunities include creating Bible Plans for daily engagement, using web links within Plans directed to appropriate ministry landing pages, connecting with people who request to receive email communication from those ministry landing pages, creating a custom App Theme, and a using a marketing plan to promote the theme within the ministry’s community. 
  • Provide basic suggestions to help partner ministries leverage social media to promote their content hosted by the Bible App.

Foster Relationships with Publishers of Well-Respected Bible Versions in Local Languages

  • Connect Publishers who own the rights to quality Bible translations to the YouVersion team for the purpose of growing the number of versions and languages that are hosted in the Bible App.

Identify Potential Volunteers for the Bible App

  • Connect the appropriate YouVersion team members to potential volunteers with necessary language skills who are interested in processing new Bible Plans, localizing the app and/or content into local languages, user support, app testing, etc.


  • Make the YouVersion Team aware of important dates and events surrounding the Bible cause in local areas, in order to partner with key organizations and/or communicate with the YouVersion community in a particular area.
  • Connect regularly via video with the Director of Global Impact (or other appropriate YouVersion team members) to discuss priorities, potential partners, upcoming Bible App features, and other topics for successful completion of responsibilities.
  • When YouVersion staff are able to visit the region, arrange meetings and introduce key Content Partners, along with necessary arrangements related to the visit.
  • Attend (via video conference) various meetings with the YouVersion team or other staff members.

Desired outcomes

  • Quality Bible Plan Content

Receiving Bible Plans from respected Content Partners in target geography or language. Goals for number of Bible Plans launched and number of active Content Partners will be set in partnership with Director of Global Impact

  • Wide Focus

No more than 20% of time should be invested in any single Content Partner.

  • Trained Partners

Partners who understand the process and value of loading their content into the Partner Portal for distribution via the Bible App

  • Move the Needle

Increase in installs, daily active users, and other Bible engagement metrics in the region (chapters accessed, verses shared, accounts created, Plans Started/Completed, etc).


A representative should be someone committed to the mission of YouVersion, self motivated, a good communicator, and relationship builder. They should not be afraid to demonstrate leadership qualities by recruiting and managing volunteers to help accomplish these goals.  


Interested in this vacancy? Send your motivation and resume to Nelleke Strijbis through Other questions? Mail to or call to +31 6 52 00 005.

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