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North Carolina Woman Sues Doctors and Therapists in Wake of Gender Transition Surgery as a Teen…

Prisha (Abigail) Mosley, 25, a detransitioning woman formerly known as Charlie Mosley, filed a lawsuit July 17 in North Carolina’s Gaston County Superior Court naming her therapists, physician, surgeon, and their corresponding medical facilities who facilitated her medicalized gender transition to a man during her late teens as defendants.

In the first lawsuit of its kind in North Carolina, Mosley alleges that medical professionals in charge of her mental and physical well-being during her formative years caused harm on seven counts before, during, and after her gender reassignment surgery — by committing various types of fraud, medical malpractice, inflicting emotional distress, and utilizing unfair and deceptive trade practices over the course of her treatment for mental illness and throughout the gender reassignment process.

Defendants include Eric T. Emerson, M.D.; Piedmont Plastic Surgery and Dermatology, PA; Brie Klein-Fowler; Family Solutions, PLLC; Shana Gordon; Tree of Life Counseling, PLLC; Martha Fairbanks Perry, M.D.; and Moses Cone Medical Services, Inc. 

Mosley, who has struggled with her mental health since childhood, was sexually assaulted at age 14 and suffered a miscarriage. At age 15 she was hospitalized for depression. By age 16, she was diagnosed with major depressive disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and an eating disorder. She engaged in self-harm by cutting herself, which resulted in a trip to the emergency room.

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