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Not One Favorite

Not One Favorite

I have a favorite verse today.
Tomorrow ’twill be another.
So rich the Word of God does lay
Upon my heart the answer.

For whatever is my urgent need,
This daily bread He transmits.
If anxiety plagues, I concede,
Philippians 4 only peace permits.

When sleep eludes in dark of night
Psalm 23 brings the Shepherd’s hope.
Rest then comes ’til dawns new light;
His word provides strength to cope.

If trials plague and worry swells,
Then Matthew 6 is where I camp.
Reminders of where His promise dwells
Light the way with His great lamp.

When my soul descends to doubt
Or I wonder if this life is all,
John 14:6 tells me Who it’s about
And how He saved us from the fall.

If I want to meditate on the cross,
wondering why God cares for me;
Not understanding God’s great loss
I turn to the truth of Isaiah 53.

I could go on like this forever
Naming a verse and why it’s sweet.
It would be a worthwhile endeavor
As in each verse the Savior I meet.

Instead, I will challenge you,
Oh dear reader of this poem.
Find a verse like morning dew
To refresh your soul, to know Him.

Linda L.

Linda L. Kruschke is the author of My Name Is Beloved, winner of the Unpublished Memoir category of the Oregon Christian Writers Cascade Writing Contest, as well as a self-published author of two poetry books. She is a wife, mother, active member of her church, former Bible Study Fellowship leader, and recovering lawyer. She works as the Director of Legal Publications for the Oregon State Bar. But her real passion is sharing God’s healing grace with others, especially those haunted by sexual trauma and abortion. She struggled with major clinical depression for many years, but through the power of forgiveness has become a fearless follower of Christ, living in the assurance of her salvation and God’s love. She blogs at Another Fearless Year and Broken Believers.

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